Investment Strategies

Optimus Advisory Group’s Investment Strategies include: U.S. & Global Rotations, Global Advantage, Long/Short, 8 Baskets, Bonds and Optimus CORE Strategies.

Advisor Services

Optimus Advisory Group’s Advisor Services include: SMA / UMA / TAMP, Strategy License Agreement and Investment Consulting & Research.

Portfolio Management

Professional portfolio management is available from Optimus Advisory Group using primarily exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.

Financial Planning

Optimus Advisory Group will work closely with you to define your personal financial planning goals and objectives to be pursued in the following areas: Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and College Education Planning.

Insurance Services

Paul Hewitt and Steve Rumsey are contracted with many of the premier insurance companies in order to provide the highest quality Life, Health, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance plans.